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                                      roller thrust bearing
                                      roller thrust bearings

                                      Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are suitable for arrangements that have to support heavy axial loads. Furthermore, they are relatively insensitive to shock loads, are very stiff and require little axial space. As standard they are available as single direction bearings and can only accommodate axial loads acting in one direction. roller thrust bearing, roller thrust bearings, bearing thrust, axial roller bearing, cylindrical roller thrust bearing, axial cylindrical roller bearing
                                      Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are simple in form and design and are produced in single row and double row designs. The bearings in the 811 and 812 series are mainly used where thrust ball bearings have insufficient load carrying capacity.
                                      The cylindrical surface of the rollers is slightly relieved towards the ends. The resulting contact profile virtually eliminates damaging edge stresses. The bearings are of separable design; the individual components can be mounted separately. roller thrust bearing, roller thrust bearings

                                      Cages: Injection moulded cages of polyamide 6,6, designation suffix TN and machined brass cages are commonly used.
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