Ice Skating at the Winter Olympics

We’re just over a month now before the Winter Olympics, held every four years, kick off in PyeongChang, South Korea and the world (or at least the part of the world that cares about winter sport, namely, the regions with plenty of snow, ice, and perhaps also at least a couple of mountains) is holding its breath in anticipation. The PyeongChang Games are shaping up to be quite the spectacle, as not only will the world be watching the best athletes compete in their discipline of choice, but even those less inclined towards sport and more inclined towards politics shall be casting their gaze on Korea.

These games will have the added excitement of North Korea’s (possible) participation, amid raising tensions and bellicose talks of war on the Korean peninsula. Seeing the world come together to compete in sport instead of war of words and escalating tensions is indeed the very purpose of the Olympics and the world stands to gain a lot from the experience.

But of course for me what is that best part of the Olympics is the ice skating and I shall be looking forward to that with great anticipation and watching it very eagerly. For the uninitiated there are both the figure skating competitions in which the skilled athletes (or perhaps performers) dance lyrically on the ice and are judged by a panel of world-class experts. And for those who care perhaps a bit less about the grace and movement but are more into speed, there is of course the speed skating.

The speed skating is one of the most heavily anticipated events in all of the Winter Olympics for a great many people and one that I’m personally looking forward to. When considering the physical terrain of these places it’s no surprise that the speed skating is often dominated by Scandinavian speed skaters. There’s also the extremely popular ice hockey to be played between nations out on the ice.

Regardless of what it is specifically that one fancies the Winter Olympics have it all, but for my money I’ll be paying extremely close attention to the figure and speed skating that are coming up in these Korean Olympic Games.