Three countries for a skating holiday

Skating isn’t necessarily the easiest sport to get involved with. It requires rather specific conditions—namely, that you have enough water that is frozen through to a safe enough depth to be on top of—and of course you need ice skates and cold weather clothes. While nowadays there’s ice skating rinks all over the world and it’s therefore essentially possible to skate anywhere you live, in case you’re thinking of packing yours bags and taking a trip across the planet and fancy doing a bit of skating, here’s a couple of some of the best countries to go skating in (just remember to go in winter):

Russia. Russia is an extremely huge country, so putting it on a list of anything is nearly as ridiculous as saying that Earth is a good place to get a nice meal. While it’s true it’s a bit too vague. That being said, Russia is an amazing place to skate. Needless to say, Russia is quite a cold country, despite there being parts of it with tremendous heatwaves and palm trees. As a result, it’s difficult to put Russia on any list but visiting the great cities of St Petersburg and Moscow both have ample opportunity for ice skating in addition to their rich histories.

Finland. Finland is one of the birthplaces of ice skating. While skating didn’t start in one place and spread over the world as newer sports did, it was developed in various cold-weather regions across the world. With its cold climate and thousands of lakes, it’s no surprise that Finland was one of the first to develop skating. Finland still has a lot of nature—especially for a European country, making it an ideal place for winter holidays.

Austria. The landlocked, mountainous country of Austria has long been associated with winter sport, though mostly alpine skiing. Nevertheless, littering the valleys of Austria’s mountains there are numerous lakes. At such altitude and in such climates many of them freeze during the winter. Some even have auto races on the ice. It’s certainly one of the best places for an Alpine winter holiday. It’s also a cheaper alternative than going to neighbouring Switzerland, but the prices aren’t that cheap compared to places in Eastern Europe.

These three places are not by any stretch of the imagination a comprehensive list of all the places that you can skate. Even in tropical countries there are (indoor) places to skate—many people of the Philippines are very proud of the ice skating rink located in the capital Manila—but for a winter holiday where you can enjoy some mulled wine, a bundled up stroll through a winter wonderland landscape, and of course the chance to do some lovely ice skating, then here are some of the best places to think about planning your next holiday.